Kirti Daryanani

creative Visual
photographer and consultant

I lived in many countries and falling in love with unexpected moments of life . Director of yoga studio in the Caribbean for over 10 years and been sharing international workshops on #befriendurmind and Daring to be You. 

Author of #Befriendumind: 59 ways to be yourself without needing to meditate and making your life easier by communicating with ease. 

Digital Footprint creator: Consulting professionals and small business on creating their digital voice online, presenting themselves with effectiveness and clear purpose. 


My Personal Struggles:

I struggled for many years with being considered to "fat" to get married and Asian society considered a woman's place was at home. My rebellious nature and open-minded parents gave me the ability to be creative and follow my own road. 



What I Stand For?

  1. At the core of motivation or passion is to connection, collaboration and to treat all relationship with compassion and equanimity. To be our true selves is the most purposeful we can share and empower our future generations. 

  2. I believe in giving every human being the safety to express themselves and the tools to see how to shift their own insights and quality of mindset. 

  3. I consider photography a tool to document and observe life. With composition in photography can give clients to shift their relationship with body, career, and communication.


Fun Stuff....

I love to laugh, walking and an active member of Toastmasters International. I enjoy giving motivational speaking, especially to the young gen. I listen, you talk, we create

Krisha Mirpuri

Digital Strategy & Transformation - Inspiring new ideas and practical innovation

January 23, 2020, Krisha was a client of Kirti’s

If you are looking for a consultant that is brutally honest but caring at the same time - Kirti is your lady. A great creative thinker and mentor. We have had many sessions where she has guided my thought process, helping me conquer my fears, clear my mind and own my path.

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CONTACT +447498526864 (whatsapp only)

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