It's different and requires you and your smartphone.


1.Do you want personalized attention, such a monthly online session or face-to face meeting. After that I will customize daily exercises to train your mind habits, perspective and communication habits....or untrain them?

2.Don't feel like meditating but want to feel aware of your life?

3.Do you want to use your personal life to see where you are trapping yourself mentally and want a way out?

4. Do you want a creative way to notice your lifestyle and habits? 

Use your smartphone, connect with me, receive personalized exercises and feedback for 6 months, without feeling pressure or guilty. Being Mindful or Aware is a natural habit. Rebuild it with this style of "coaching" can give you the right support and empowerment. 


Not sure how it works? Click below and let's talk. 





Stacey Mac Donald

Co-founder / Advisor at Mac & Field; PhD Candidate

December 10, 2018, Stacey was a client of Kirti’s

I’ve known Kirti for many years and have grown so much from her teachings. She has a way with listening and helping you recognize your feelings, thought patterns and challenges you sometimes don’t even know your struggling with or, more often so, avoiding. With befriendyourmind Kirti has translated her witty words of wisdom into the most accessible form. Reading befriendyourmind allows anyone and everyone to reap the benefits of meditation and self-reflection, and self-realization. I can highly recommend her book to everyone who feels meditating is just too hard or takes up too much time and even those who think they are not into that at all. The short, thought provoking words and messages and assignments makes meditating fun and its benefits instant

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