Refresh well-being into your corporation or community

Present to Lead workshop:
Confidence building for Women in Diverse communities 

“Make yourself heard without shouting” 


Key focus is on feeling calm and respected in communication. Self awareness is a cornerstone for communication , collaboration and managing change. Expanding self- awareness of one’s thoughts, behavior and responses.

Why is this necessary?

Team collaboration , virtually or face to face requires us to react with calmness, composure and with emotional intelligence, especially now when  COVID -19 and the heightened awareness of the #blacklivesmatter movement is asking us to shift our perspective, change our style of communication and collaboration to move forward into the future, 


 Various workshops focused on various skills including: presentation skills, effective evaluations, public speaking, managing difficult questions, managing questions and answers,  reputation management, managing nerves under tensed conditions and developing emotional/ adaptability intelligence with mindful techniques. 

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