I always wonder if we took stock on how hard we are on ourselves, will it be easy to accept it and let it go?


Like many, I've been there. We don't like the way we look, feel or think. We bury it inside of us, hoping no one sees it. 


I was successful, many could tell you I had it all, but I didn't. Nothing outside of me would cover up the pain and wounds I had deal with. So I decided to use photography and contemplation to reverse the mindset.  

Feeling good enough is a process and photography is an amazing tool to discover the way we communicate with yourself and with others. 


How does it work?


1. Book a Session online and Make an appointment. 


2. You will get a self-discovery workbook. 


3. Schedule a date, prepare for the session. 


4. Session date 2 hours. 


5 Post editing and depends on the Package you choose, you will receive the photos of your choice. 


Photos are based on your experience and allowing yourself to express yourself freely.


kirti@kirti168.com/ +447498526864 (whatsapp only)

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