Have the courage to share one's voice,  verbalize it, and vocalize it in a world filled with much information and fear of not saying it the right way can actually hold us back to speaking up. Every being, woman and man wants to be heard without shouting. Every being wants to feel valued and respected, comfortable to contribute to a world that is dynamic and unpredictable. The human connection through interaction has become a vital role to discovering new solutions for today's dynamic and unpredictable world. Technology has expanded our new way of life and also a call to seek new solutions.

For this to happen,  women want to feel motivated and inspired to take their first step into leadership.


As a motivational speaker, my mission to make a woman, feel valued, respected, and encouraged. I believe in leading by example, I offer my experiences, lessons learned, and skills as a means to inspire a woman to speak up and inspire men to encourage us along the way as well. It takes two hands to clap.  

My background comes from over ten years of living in a diverse community, where I share the teachings of yoga and mindfulness in diverse communities. It has brought me the tools of emotional intelligence, adaptability, and patience to listen for an alternative solution. 


My motivational speakers is aligned to the mission of the company or corporation, our values must mutually align to empower, embrace, and elevate a woman to be seen, heard and recognized. To contact for more information :



kirti@kirti168.com/ +447498526864 (whatsapp only)

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