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Digital footprint:


Create your digital something no one else can do but yourself. With today's noise, getting your products across is quite a challenge. Hitting the record button and talking to yourself can seem quite intimidating. How to change  this...

Let's get together. Virtual Tea or Coffee. Create a digital footprint. Create your portfolio


1 Digital photos: for social media and/or newsletters 

2.Video content: an inexpensive way to get you started and give you confidence and empowerment. How to use the tools to record yourself as you grow in your business

  1. Writing your content. 

  2. Public speaking skills to promote yourself in networking events without sounding cheesy. 

  3. Your online portfolio will connect you to customers who want to get to know you

  1. Discover how to create your own road maps and digital illustrations for infographic, websites and social media posts


Sharing and expressing your authentic style will draw the right clients towards you and overall you will stay inspired and enjoy selling your products.

Rupa Datta

Commercial Excellence and Talent Development Professional

December 24, 2019, Rupa worked with Kirti in different groups

Kirti was an extended part of my leadership team during the first part of the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year. During this time, she took on roles as the need came up to include assisting with new and struggling clubs, as well as upskilling members on our experiential education program and its value. Kirti's unique observation skills are an asset to any team or individual willing and open to see the blind spots. This proved invaluable as my counsel as well as in her informal capacity as PR guru for the team.


On a more personal note, I thoroughly enjoyed working with her curating our workshop for the Autumn Conference in 2019 around authenticity and benefited greatly developing my own visual voice. All teams have that quiet leader whose influence is a necessary piece in the puzzle. Kirti was that for us during this period.

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