59 ways to train your mind without meditation

Are you like me? Tried to sit there with legs bound, pretending to meditate and calm down. Did you find yourself still struggling with life and feeling: no peace in sight.

As an ex yoga teacher , I had the same issue. I stopped kidding myself and trying to teach others the “mindful way” of meditation, I eliminated all the “woo woo” language and got real.

Back in 2005, I was introduced to a thin book known as the Lo jong practice. IT contained affirmation style reminders to train the mind without forcing the self to meditate. I remember, I was going through an obsession period to join Vipassana Retreat and my Buddhist monk friend challenged me. He asked me “how would a retreat in silence ever benefit you if you cannot deal with what is going on in your life now?” I hate to admit it but he had a point.

I stopped meditating and every week, I focused on one of these reminders and began to observe them in the thought process. Over time, I wasn’t fully aware, how my attitude began to reshape itself, safe to say it started to become a habit.

In 2017, 6 years of traveling and self- investigation , I decided to give this book a facelift. It is still my to go to manual when I struggle to manage relationships or when I’m too focused on a certain outcome.

If you would like to find out more, I highly recommend purchasing the e-book ( the hardcover is still expensive until I find a publisher who would like to take it to the next level).

Here is the link: Amazon. It is also available on all other book stores as an ebook.

I hope it gives you a guidance and would you like more of a structured approach , contact me.

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