Creative Communication strategy, a #2020 Vision

I don't know about you but every new years Eve as I scroll through my social media feed, I would be tempted to same am bored but it's repetitive and saddening.

Post after post: the world is being told how happy we are for this year to end and await the new "hopes" for tomorrow.

What strikes me is there is a missed opportunity in all this. Would you like to know?

Entertain my train of thought for a minute:

What if...yes, what if, this year we changed our strategy of communication, you know, create a digital footprint?

What if, we did this, is it probably that by the end of the year we may just say "wow and what a great curvy experience the year has been"?

Think about it, if we truly stop for a moment and allow ourselves to use digital technology as a means to share authenticity and develop our own creativity, such as a vision boards, our accomplishments, dream and/or aspiration, could we measure our experiences and lesson learnt in visual?

What if we used it as a way for career growth, in a form of creating digitally. If you are not sure, check out my Instagram feed: @kirti168

There will definitely be one benefit from it: you will keep training your mind to shift the perspective of your current moment.

I want to share another bonus benefit: you will communicate clearer and connect with the right source or network.

The choice is yours: would you like to experience your life as an adventure or post at the end of this year the same post as last year and the year before, how happy the year ended or.....

Be creative with your #2020 vision, take a pen and paper and design your communcation strategy and can digital technology support you?

If you are unsure, contact me, let's set up an begin with the ABC to alternative way which I call, option C: Allow Change, Be Creative and have Concise Communication.

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