Gift ideas

In the festive season, it's more than just buying a present.

It's the present of presence.

Consider a gift that is about the relationship and bond you have with the person. The smile it will bring not only to the face but arise from the heart.

I would like to share you a story:

I've a friend who has everything she could ask for. She is also beautiful in character as she is grateful for all life gives her. What gift to give her?

This beautiful challenge asked me to look into our friendship and create something that has the same energy.

I've been invited by her close friends to her baby shower party and I wondered what on Earth could I give her.

It took me a few days and realised there is one thing.... So of I went into a creative mode.

Nothing was stopping the pencil and me to draw out a first rough sketch.

About 6 hours later it was done. You can see the making on my Instagram : @kirti168

I felt joyful to head down to the photo shop and have it printed and framed. You see, she is expecting a bundle of joy and as kids, we always heard the mischievious story of a young God, named Krishna.

Krishna, represents love and childlike nature , he also played a huge role in the area of Yoga on the 'right' way of life.

I found it fitting to create a painting of him for her new born. After I was done , I felt an inner fulfillment to create such a gift. It has a message and a connection.

It's not about a present, it's about the story behind it.

So, if you have an idea for a gift and would be interested in one of these, why not send me an email:

You can check out the video on Instagram:@kirti168

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