Who is Kirti...anyway?

This is me: I don't coach, I don't pretend and I don't want to be perfect. I traveled the world to develop a relationship to become my own best friend. Some days were tough and rough, because I felt I wasn't good enough.

I had fame and was on top of my game and I gave it all away. I struggled for a long time, people who I thought I could turn to, closed the door. I didn't know who to trust until I turned to thy self, used the tools I had and learnt the art of self-trust.

From my experiences, a book was born, # befriendurmind, my first joy. Right before my fathers passing, he read a few chapters and said:" kirti, its true what you say".

In the years of hardship, I was unlearning the learning and relearning, my bag with tools has expanded, I feel playful to speaking several languages imperfectly and connect with many: delivering speeches, sharpening soft- and communication skills to creating strategies to digital footprint; I really am good enough.

Through falling on my knees, the tears I've shed and the friends who I once thought I had, I learnt from letting go. My life decluttered, I enjoy the breath I take and I'm able to support others along the way, from diplomats to students.

Today my friendships are sweeter than sweet, honesty prevails and giggles are made, oh and champagne is a bonus. It's exactly what Dr Seuss shares: "Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you" . Best starting point to connect with me: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/kirtidaryanani

Or contact me here : Kirti@kirti168.com


kirti@kirti168.com/ +447498526864 (whatsapp only)

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